The Church's Misison

What is the church's mission in today's world?
A Journey of Transformation

Two of the most important spiritual questions for many today are: Why Christian? Why Church? We can no longer assume the answers are compelling and passionate for people in today's world. In fact, the fastest-growing faith today is spiritual, but not religious. Concurrently, God's Spirit today compels the church to demonstrate what it means to be a people called by God. You are invited to join us in this exciting journey of faith!

As a member of the Presbytery of Cincinnati, Kennedy Heights Presbyterian Church has joined five other six congregations in seeking transformation and fresh imagination for what God is calling us to be and do, in living and proclaiming our faith for the 21st Century. We participate in leadership development, with training provided by the Center for Parish Development located in Chicago, a respected leader in church transformation. This Journey of Transformation encompasses three phases over a three-year period. We have completed the first year of the journey. The phases include:

  • Discovering our mission-based context -- "Why does the world need the church – and ours in particular?"
  • Discerning God's call -- "What is God calling us to be and do in this time and place?"
  • Embodying God's vision -- "How will we shape our life and practice in mission-based ways?"

"New challenges are continually arising to test the church's commitment to the mission of the gospel. When the church successfully meets a challenge, the door of history opens, and the church goes forward in mission. Otherwise, the door closes, and the moment of opportunity is missed. The time of opportunity for mission has never been greater than it is now." "The Apostolic Imperative" by Carl Braaten

"If the church is to impart to the world a message of hope and love, of faith, justice, and peace, something of this should become visible, audible, and tangible in the church itself." "Transforming Mission" by David Bosch

"What Would Christianity Look Like If We Weren't Afraid of Questions?" asks Emergent Church leader Brian McLaren in his new book "A New Kind of Christianity," in which he examines 10 key questions that are transforming the faith. At KHPC, we are starting to explore those questions!